3:30pm Update


The main precipitation portion is now over for the high country with possibly an additional 3 to 6 inches today in town and some 2 to 4 additional tonight. As of 3:30pm Mammoth mountain picked up another 8 inches since 6:00am this morning.

The next system will split as it drops SE into Ca with main precipitation limited to coastal Ca. Nevertheless, some light snow showers possible over the weekend.

Storms will either split off from the westerlies next week, ridge the ridge to the north or plow through the ridge and weaken.  Expect drier then normal weather New Years and forward….

More details later…..


4:00pm Update:

Apparently what we have over the next 7 days or so is the long wave ridge setting up between the Eastern Pac and the Great Basin. This is not a pattern that usually produces heavy snowfall here in the eastern sierra unless a closed low or cut off low stalls in the right spot.

We can expect systems splitting off from the westerlies…possibly forming closed lows and bringing rain to the coastal section of California and Baja, Mex or….Storms that actually move through the long wave and weaken as they do bringing light amounts of snowfall.  Sometimes we can get upslope from a cut off over SW Nevada.  The Dweebs will be watching the patterns evolution and giving updates on the progress as such…..


The Dweeber…..:-)