Unsettled weather to continue with a good shot of fresh snow Sunday night into Monday AM….upper elevations (9000+)could receive between 15 and 20 inches

Over the next 5 days…..

Northern hemispheric pattern is highlighted by two major blocks. One near Greenland that is progressive. This assisted in a major cold wave over parts of Europe the past several days with fridged air and sever cold over Poland and other nearby areas. This Block is progressive.

The other developing Block in the mean (day +5) is located near the Western Aleutians with a corresponding long wave trof redeveloping in the Gulf of AK at about 140West. The amplifying upstream ridge will once again import cold arctic air from Eastern Asia via the Bering Sea, and fill the trof with it. As the Trof continues to reload with short waves…..This may eventually set the stage for a major wet storm through the Pacific Northwest by about the middle of next week (9th) as cold arctic air phases with southern stream energy WNW of Kauai. The further north you go, the wetter it will be. As of this time….The southern and south central west coast should be protected by upper ridging. 

In the meantime, our weather is still effected by a pattern that is not as amplified with an upper trof that will get kicked in Sunday night. The weekend weather will be unsettled with little snowfall for the high country until Sunday and into Monday with the trofs passage. Snow levels will range from 6500 to 8000 feet. Mammoth Mountain may get up to 15 to 24 inches in the Sunday through Monday period with the town much less. According to the new 12z WRF, prime time will be 06z Monday through 12Z Monday. Expect periods of gusty winds most of the weekend with highs in the 40s then 30s Sunday and Monday. Lows will return to the teens by Monday AM.

Longer Range:   There was some suggestion this morning by the opperational GFS…..that the upper jet would move south again into Central California by about the 15th or 16th of December for a stormy period for the Central Sierra. The change in patter is suggested by a progression of the long wave ridge to 160W…..There is also some support for that progression in the MJO week 2 model.

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Weather to remain unsetteled through the weekend…..”Wind Advisories” Hoisted for today

Winds will be on the increase today Thursday as a splitting trof approached the west coast.  A few showers are possible over Mono County. However, the southern portion of the county  is not expected to experience anything measurable. Winds will be the main theme with Southwest gusts increasing to 95 mph over the crest, while winds in the residential areas could reach 50 mph.  A wind advisory is now hoisted for the county.

New 12z nam/wrf  shows a splitting trof off shore with the main baroclinic band over Northern Ca. Topo lift will allow for some showers for Mono County by late afternoon. The freezing level over Mammoth is 10K today….9.5K Friday and 8.5K Saturday. Snow levels generally are some 1500 feet to 2000 feet below this level. The heaviest precip will be on the west side, Tahoe north today. Highs in Mamoth today will be in the 40s vs. low 50s yesterday.

A baroclinic band will weaken somewhat Saturday as the splitting process continues. There after…a double structured baroclinic band develops Saturday afternoon with one band mainly north of Tahoe with the other over the Southern Sierra. CRFC gives Yosemite a QPF of .1 Friday and .2 for Saturday.

At 10:1 possibly an inch of snow Friday for Mammoth Mountain and 2 inches Saturday.

The temp should pick up Sunday as the southern branch and main closed/cut off low gets the boot inland. Some 3 to 6 inches of snowfall is currently expected for Mammoth Mountain Sunday afternoon into the evening.

As mentioned above…..with the freezing level lowering through Saturday….it is natural to believe that our high temps will lower into the 30s by Saturday as well.

The Dweeber………………………..:-)

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Neusence weather pattern through weekend to bring snow light snow or snow showers to the high country

Nuisance is the word to describe the weather the rest of the week. Cloudy at times, light snow or snow showers beginning Thursday night….breezy in town and windy over the crest with temps more seasonal for this time of the year. The Dweebs call it nuisance weather, because if it isn’t going to snow deep  than one could argue that it should just be sunny? 

The upshot of the forecast is the flat ridge currently over the far west will shift east a bit into next week. With a weak split trof to the west. The upper flow is still severely split coming off Asia and that carries pretty much on east to the west coast through next week. The Global Models still forecast a block to form near the dateline. However, if the block set up much further west, a major upper ridge will form over or near the west coast for quite a spectacular period of  fair weather. I see the upper jet for the most part well north of Mammoth for quite some time.


Don’t know how many of you have been following the ramp up of solar cycle 24, but the ramp up is about as anemic as one can be.

Geoff Sharp is a solar scientist that studies the Sun and believes that in his theory, that the planets modulate the solar cycle VS the vast majority of science work, that believes that the Sun is self modulating and a product of random number generation. According to Geoff, this will soon be put to the test over the next 6 months.

The issue is, that the “number of sunspots” in this particular cycle, is becoming far short of what should be happening at this point of the cycle.  By next year, if his theory is correct, a lot of news will be about our Sun and the effects that may come upon our planet over the coming years. The thought is that low numbers of Sunspots will cause the earth to cool slightly over the next few decades. The is a very controversial topic that has huge political implications.

See: http://www.landscheidt.info/

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