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  • Light Chance for snow Monday/Monday….then Major Snow Thursday night through Sunday AM… big system with 3 to 4 feet in town and from 4 to 7 feet with the big Mammoth Dump…Updated
    2/29/2024 Just a quick check out this evening, The weather will be dry Wednesday through at least Thursday morning. Precipatation will begin Thursday afternoon and continue through Sunday Night. This system has quite the AR. It is very slow moving and will end up a  better precip producer than the Dweebs expected. With several impulses expected, there is enough to really dump the snowfall on the Town. Mammoth Mt could get close to 7.5 feet by Sunday. Again, depending on how quickly the pattern ends.   Howard ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   2/25/2024 Forecast looks good with light amounts of snowfall today and tonight and fair weather returning Tuesday into Wednesday. The next major storm will begin either late Thursday or Friday with heavy snowfall, especially through the weekend. Amounts over the higher elevation look to be 3 to 5 feet; amounts possible by Weeks end! Town of Mammoth……Two feet +possible.   Howard     ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some mention of the pattern> The cutoff low off shore is exceptional. Models have a hard time, over time to figure where out where it is going and its timing.  This means it may not even snow from the pattern in Mammoth. If the pattern is going produce, it will be early next week, or Monday/Night.  Thats when the Cut Off comes comes through but dont count on it!. There is another storm that effects our area next Thursday or Friday the end of next week. It has good potential for precip….But lets wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to see how it is progressing. Saturday/ngt 46/24 Sunday/ngt 45/29 Monday/ngt 40/23 Tuesday/ngt 41/23 Wednesday/ngt 44/24              



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