Howard’s Top Ten

Current satellite Views

Current Pacific and California view GOES-17(Courtesy of NOAA)

Eastern Pacific IR

Current Eastern Pacific Water Vapor Image (Courtesy of Naval Research Laboratory)

Water Vapor

Current Radar Loop (Courtesy of Intellicast)

Radar loop

Current North Pole view Infrared Image (Courtesy of IPS Meteostar)

North Pole view IR

Forecasting Tools

24-hour forecast quick look (courtesy of NCAR)

24-hour forecast

Precipitation Forecast: Total over Next Five Days (Courtesy of NOAA)

5 Day Precipitation forecast

Jet Stream Forecast: Next Five Days (Courtesy of California Regional Weather Server)

Jet Stream loop

Data Reports

Current Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly (courtesy of Unisys)

Sea Surface Temp Anomoly

MJO Forecast (Courtesy of Wheeler and Hendon)