Anytime we get precipitation with 500mb heights in the mid 570s DM it’s ugly. At 7:00am, the Freezing Level this morning was 10,000 feet over Mammoth and our air mass was pretty much saturated from the top of Mammoth Mountain  to the bottom. As a result, the snow level was pretty close to the freezing level. Looking at the new 12z runs of the WRF and GFS this am. There is going to be a decisive shift in the upper jet later Friday to the north as the general pattern Amps. Heights by 18z Sunday over Mammoth AP are forecasted at 588dm at  500MB. These are pretty high 500mb heights for the month of December. Expect strong inversions Sunday into Monday with highs at 8000 feet close to the upper 50s.  In Bishop, the high will be about 70 degrees. The record high for Bishop this Sunday was 74 set back in 1953.

The Dweebs are still expecting progression, or at the least…enough extension of the mid pacific ridge to push a portion of the Eastern Pacific Trof into the west coast by mid week, giving Mammoth more snowfall. Another encouraging sign is that MJO now into Phase Space 5 is still strengthening and forecasted to continue doing so by most dynamic model forecasts.

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