This is going to be a very brief update with a more detailed discussion over the weekend Saturday or Sunday….time permitting….

An upper ridge anchored to the southwest of Ca will shift eastward to the Rockies later next week possibly opening up the storm door (Slightly) by late Sunday some 10 days from now.  Beyond that time frame is a pretty significant Arctic Airmass that is expected to drop south over the Ohio Valley. With the Ridge to the east of us, Arctic air well south into the east, there would be the possibility that a significant storm would track further south into Ca during that week 2 period  (2nd week of February) It would be especially wet with high snow levels again…at least initially.

Last nights short wave provided a few showers over night due to a small band of moisture that got dragged along with it. Normally we would not receive anything from a system like that but it did encounter a little moisture along the way.  Today will be breezy up over the crest with winds in the 50+mph class out of the ENE. Although there is not much 700mb support of wind….There is a pretty good surface gradient that is developing as a 1040mb high is slipping southeast toward SE Idaho/NE Utah. The next few impulses will come through early Monday Am and early Tuesday Am. There does not appear to be another pre-existing band to work on, however the new 12z run of the GFS had some 700mb moisture that once again gets drags south over Mono County Late Sunday night into Early Monday AM.  The 500-1000mb thickness pool is colder with the 2nd short wave Tuesday Am, so early next week will be seasonal to cooler then normal. 


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