NOTE: Current Storm Sequence ended at 5:45pm Saturday with an additional .24 inches of Cold Liquid and another 2 inches of snowfall from upslope, bringing the storm total to 32 inches.

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Overall the Dweebs snowfall forecast worked out better then most other forecasters….. as successfully forecasted between 2 and 3 feet for the upper elevations, early this past week. Mammoth Mountain reported 30 inches storm total over a 72 hour period….2.5 feet.  Telemetry showed about 2.36 inches of cold liquid on Mammoth Pass.

Although the Dweebs see another system for about the 24th of April…..I am doubtful that we will experience a precip event that will dump similar amounts of snowfall for that upcoming storm near the end of the Month…..

The end of April usually brings smaller showery storms to the Mammoth area as well as into early May. Then fewer systems right into June are possible……Climo-Wise….Fathers Day is usually the last frost here in Mammoth. Although Storms in the 2 to 3 foot range have occurred May….they are rare!

Additionally, about this time the continent warms sufficiently to shift the system of differential heating from the Eastern Pacific ocean to the land mass.  Thus the upper jet quickly becomes stronger on the east side of trofs rather than on the west side. This tends to pull upper trofs eastward quicker. At the same time, this prohibits the digging that is more evident during winter when the main gradient remains over the ocean due to the fact that continent is cooler than the ocean.

The upcoming week will feature a nice warm ridge that will build in Sunday into Monday. High temps today will be in the 40s, and near 50 by Monday. Expect high temps to climb to near 60 by Wed/Thur. Lows at night in the 20s and low 30s.

Across the pacific, a zonal flow pattern will develop midweek with the upper jet taking aim again on the pacific northwest. It will not be until the 24th that precipitation/snowfall returns to the Mammoth area.

I would say that our snow pack is at peak now for the season over the upper elevations……….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………….:-)

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