Sunday PM:

The extended models are pretty much in agreement now with a spring storm over the holiday weekend……

We’ll see how she holds up and fine tune the timing during the upcoming week. There appears to be enough cold air and instabiloty for snowshowers beginning Friday then into Saturday. It also appears to be cold enough for some snowfall here in town.  But beyond that, amounts this far out are in question.   More later…….  It should be fun to see it all come together… week….:-)


From Friday:

This will be a short one. Upper ridging will build into the state with warmer temps over the weekend. The high temp for Mammoth today will be little changed….but possibly a little cooler.  However, temps will warm into the upper very upper 60s by Saturday and low 70s by Sunday. Nighttime lows will be in the upper 20 and low 30s Saturday Am for a little frost in some areas.  Otherwise a very nice weekend for the fisher folks with highs well into the 70s out on Lake Crowley, with calm winds in the AM and no major wind problems in the afternoon.

Early next week will breeze up and cool a bit as a storm tracks to our north. About 5 to 6 degrees of cooling is expected with more wind over the upper elevations. The Dweebs do not expect as strong “down sloping winds” like what occured yesterday in some areas of the Owens Valley. However, it will be quite breezy Tuesday.


There is a pretty significant upper jet just off shore…..should it decide to progress a bit more east later in the week, would breeze things up a bit. This leads the Dweebs up to the next question….

How about the prospects for some snowfall before the end of the month???  The ECMWF is becoming more aggressive with stronger troughing off the west coast, developing later during the holiday…..and especially the following week. We are due for a late spring storm here in the high country, if for no other reason other then the odds…. Waters are continuing to be colder then normal off the west coast because of the -PDO and tends to support troughing.  Warmer waters are located a bit west of the Dateline. This SSTA pattern still supports west coast troughing…..because of the -PDO.  So the immediate coastal sections of Ca will again….”Not have a hotter then normal summer”!!!

There is a strong negative SSTA anomaly in the Bering Sea and to the south, a positive SSTA anomalie. So will there be a strong upper jet emitting from that area??

Will update on Monday……


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………………:-)



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