Snow and rain showers developed early this morning as another Trof affects mainly the northern portion of the golden state.  The system is regarded as more of a nuisance weather wise. If it is not going to lay down some serious additional snow,  or give us some cold weather for additional snow-making, it might as well be fair right??

Speaking of snow…..The Dweebs have heard from more then one source that the skiing and boarding up the upper half of the mountain is as good as it gets! This is going to be one of those Thanksgivings with unusually good snow coverage due to the nature of that last storm.

So if your headed up for a weekend of skiing/boarding, plan on high temps in the mid 40s at the 10,000 ft level with light breezes. Early morning temps will be in the low 30s. Temps in the Town of Mammoth (7800) will actually be colder at night as an inversion will set up.

The weather will begin to turn cooler Sunday with cooling continuing into Monday and Tuesday next week as a shot of Continental air makes its way into the Great Basin. Expect highs in the upper 30s in town and low in the teens and 20s.

No significant snow expected until late the 2nd half of next week or a bit beyond.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………………………………:-)