The Dweebs have had plenty on their plates well ahead of their upcoming tradition holiday feast!  We keep looking for the classic NW Atlantic Block to develop forcing a strong -NAO to the ridge up the west coast +PNA fashion, but at this time it is no where in sight! One reason is that the hemispheric pattern is in a -AO and at least a 5 to 6 wave progressive pattern. So the high latitude blocks that would normally form in key areas for some reason are not setting up. Additionally….The cold arctic reservoir is over extreme Eastern Asia and again for some reason, mother natures likes it there.

This may continue the process of energizing the series of short wave coming off the Asian Continent across the pacific and eventually coming into our own backyard…later in the year as suggested by last night GFS run.  The pattern at the moment is full latitude blocked at about 168W, with the block building well into the Arctic. Possibly because of the very strong Asian Jet…the block gets undercut with time pinching off a cut off Upper High over the Bering Sea.  The block may reform again or……..??

Currently Pattern:

A deep upper low off the coast of the Pacific Northwest will shift a series of systems into northern and central Ca through Monday AM.Of note there is a lot of Subtropical moisture coming north west of Hawaii that is expected to feed into the systems as they swing through the long wave and then into the central and west coast. As the strong westerlies busts through the block later this weekend the entire amped upper trof comes through Sunday night!  The heaviest snowfall with be as the main upper low comes through Later Sunday/NGT. Orographics are singing a tune of 3 to 5+ feet for the Mammoth area top to bottom by Monday AM.

Christmas Eve will include improving conditions with short wave ridging Christmas Day. Christmas Day up on the hill will sport crystal clear skies, a blinding sun, light winds and deep powder on the upper runs……


More later……………………………..The Dweeber………………………:-)