Friday the 8th:

Current conditions…Light snow showers..

Weak impulses from the back side of the storm that moved through Thursday Am will produce unstable air and some snow showers today. Little if any accumulation is expected today.

Highs today in the 20s…. Lows tonight in the teens….

There is another small system coming in late tonight and into Saturday Am. We may pick up a couple of inches by Midnight today with a few more inches Saturday AM….

It looks dry Friday with partly cloudy skies and a few flurries…



Its nice during the winter to get a break  in the action for a while. That is what is expected for about a week here in the high country.  With that said, we will still have periods of snowfall but the weather systems will be weak.

Looking at the latest guidance this morning the models are continuing the trend in strengthening the negative phase of the AO. This will be good for the east in  getting snowfall during the next 7 days.  Over the far west and California, I am seeing the development of an amplified west coast ridge, ridged up into Western Canada. Again…The ridge is forecasted to be highly amplified but narrow. This is not the kind of ridge we have seen the past few years that blocked storms for week’s and months on end as we have the strong El Nino related southern stream….   The ridge will have several effects. 1. It will weaken incoming pacific storms for the next 7 days. 2. It will allow temperature’s to warm in the upper elevations. At 8000 feet, daytime highs will climb to the 40s by Mid Week. This many be our *January thaw!

The Dweebs expect periods of light snowfall. There is a system that will bring about 1 to 3 inches in town Saturday and 3 to 6 inches on Mammoth Mt. Another weak system Monday afternoon into Tuesday AM; 1 to 3 inches. And yet another system the Following Wednesday night and Thursday. That one may be light to possibly moderate.

By Friday the East Coast Trof is forecasted to begin to be pulled out into the North Atlantic by the Strong Southern Stream. This is yet another pattern change and we’ll have to wait to see what happens next.  Chances are that we will have some light snow over the holiday, bit it is too soon to say that we’ll have a significant storm.  The Dweebs should have a better handle on the MLK weekend by next Tuesday….

*Next week is a good time for locals to remove or have snow build up removed from their roofs along with Ice Dams. If you have the time, and your Eves are easily and (((“safely accessible”))), after removing the snow, try pots of hot water to break up the dams after icicle’s have been removed….You will need some help, however, it’s worth the time…. Again, this is a very-very dangerous task, so only attempt if you know what you are doing….  Better to have professional’s do it for you….  Ice dams are the number one causes of roof leaks from winter snow buildup.