Friday AM; Brief update shows the snow level remaining at and above 9K today and tonight with accumulating snow after midnight tonight in the Town of Mammoth.

Totals of 1 to 2 feet in the residential areas of town by Sunday night and 2 to 3+ feet on Mammoth Mt by Monday AM

PS; it is possible that the lowering for the snow level will not occur until toward 4:00AM Saturday.  This is the most difficult part of the snowfall forecast for this storm for the town.  Remember that the QPF is independent of how fast the freezing comes down. The quicker the freezing comes down the more snow in town, the slower the less snow in town.

As an example, the CRFC has a QPF to the west of Mammoth of aprox .40 between 4:00AM today Friday and 10:00PM Tonight. Then .75 between 10:00PM tonight and 4:00AM Saturday AM. for a total of 1.15 inches. Even at 6:1 that’s about 5.5 to 6 inches of snow…..

Prin. point is, any delay in the lowing for the freezing level will been less snow in the town of Mammoth. But do not worry……There will still be plenty!


Although the High Wind Watch has been canceled, Wind Advisories are in affect beginning 4:00AM Friday morning through 4:00PM Friday afternoon. Strong West winds of 30 to 60 MPH are possibly Friday afternoon Throughout the lower slopes of Mono County.

Winter storm warnings are hoisted for Mono County beginning Friday at 4:00Pm then through 4:00PM Saturday. Expect heavy snowfall Saturday Morning and afternoon..  Additional accumulation’s are expected through Sunday night.

Although the heaviest snowfall is expected Saturday, snowfall totals have been increased up to 2 feet at 8000 feet by Sunday night with 2 to 3 feet or more possibly over the upper elevations…..

Precipitation is likely to begin toward 4:00Am Friday with rain or rain snow mix at elevations below 9000 feet. Colder temperatures will gradually move in later Friday turning the rain at the lower elevations to snow from Northern Mono county late in the afternoon to Southern Mono County Friday Night.

Temperature Forecast:    Friday       Saturday       Sunday         Monday


Village At Mammoth       46/33         36/23          28/13            27/13

McCoy Station                38/27          27/19          19/08            20/10