The slight cooling has been welcomed here in Mammoth with highs now in the mid to upper 70s…..Purrr-fect!  Checking on temps in the Bishop area, it hit 103 Thursday. So the string of 100+ degree days continue. It should be noted that if Bishop stays at or above the 100 degree mark the next couple of days…the string will likely continue through much of next week.   The all time record of 100+ degree days in a row at the bishop airport was 17 day set in 1984. That string began June 26th and ended July 12th when Monsoon rains came to the eastern deserts of CA.    This year it is likely to happen again that way….only this string has begun a lot earlier, and so the likelihood of it being broken is much higher as the Southwest monsoon does not reach the Central Sierra until sometime in July.  If you want to keep track of the string of 100+ degree days in Bishop it began June 19th, 2016. It has been 5 days so far.  Today the forecast is for a high of 101 and the same for Saturday. Sundays high will be a projected 104.

In Mammoth and June, highs will climb back to the mid 80s by early next week. The Dweebs do see the possibility of some air mass thunderstorm’s about the end of June or the first week of July. So far the pattern is not configuration to advect both strong dynamic and moisture. That may change in a week or two. So….. it may be that by July 4th, Mother Nature will have a few surprises of her own!


The Dweeber…………………….:=)