12:00PM Sunday


PM10 count back to good at 84 from 385 earlier this morning….

Inversion broke as forecasted…

Chances are that it will become at least moderate again by early Monday AM.


Sunday 7:00AM


Owens River Fire Grown to 4000 acres…According to NWS

Mammoth Lakes Air Quality PM 10 count…..Very unhealthy

Stay indoors- windows closed

Inversion should break by 10:00AM with improving conditions


It is a great time to be in the back country. Crowds are down, mornings begin with a chill but warm up nicely during the mid morning hours….  There is color change now in the upper elevations and some starting even in the Towns of Mammoth and June.  You know that mother nature does this just to get the skiers and boarders excited about the upcoming winter!

Upcoming winter:

What are some of the fundamental teleconnection now and what might they mean? I think that the biggest concern that we have at the moment is the “The Blob”. This is the Warm SSTA that has persisted more often than not over the far eastern GOA and along the west coast for several years. According to the JAMA, it is going to try to reestablish itself this winter……Well see.  The Weak La Nina forecasted by the IRC is not going to help much if it verifies, other than increase the odds for California AR events this winter.


Forecast summary:  The upper trof that moved through yesterday is lifting NE into Montana. Strong height rises are occurring now.  Just look at your Barometer! and surface pressures are on the rise as well. Well get into the low to mid 60s today, mid 60s Thursday and 70s over the weekend. This is a spectacular weekend for back country travel!  Nighttime lows are in the 30s now, but will pop into the low 40s over the weekend.


The Dweebs do not see any signs of a significant change in the weather to unsettled for the next 10 days…


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………:-)