Lots to ponder and the wait on the longer range is taking its toll on this Dweeb….

I will update tonight in my letter for Sunday about the details on the coming pattern changes and how it will effect the longer range.

  1. This first system is splitting somewhat. However should remain intact enough to provide a nice shot of heavy snowfall tonight into Sunday AM.  6 inches + in town and a foot plus over the upper elevations. Thereafter, just some show showers or light snow later Sunday into Sunday night and even some showers early Monday AM. Very light accumulations expected between Sunday night and Monday AM.
  2. Temps: Lows to 20 degrees Saturday night with highs in the mid to upper 20s Sunday. Winds gusts to 40MPH this afternoon, 35MPH tonight. Westerly gusts to 30MPH Sunday’  Fair Tuesday and Wednesday….Highs 35 to 43
  3. The chain of events for the future will be dependent upon how progressive the pattern is across the CONUS.  WX discussion will revolve around this point….

Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………….:-)