Wednesday 2/15/17

Today will be the last nice mild day for a while..

Expect highs in the 40s with light breezes and lows tonight in the 20s.

Winds will come up tonight.

I will have a detailed update on the rest of this weeks weather Thursday morning, as well as a look at the wet pattern for next week,  in my “Weather Letter” for subscribers….



Monday PM Snowfall Est

By Thursday AM 3 to 6 in town/ 6 to 12 in Mammoth Mt

Friday/Saturday AM  6 to 12 in town 12 to 18 on Mammoth Mt

Snow showers Saturday. Town of Mammoth will be shadowed out, but big storm for Southern CA with heavy rain and Snow Mts.

Biggest Storm for the sierra will be between Sunday and Wednesday……Stay Tuned…..As mentioned below, a huge MJO is developing over the next few days in the tropical western pacific. This one has one of the biggest deviation from normal for it phase space and time of year. Phase 8/1

Expect massive amplification week two with another big upper high over Alaska.  You know what that means!    😯



Monday AM:

Important points to be covering over the next 4 weeks:

  1. Mono County is officially out of the Drought. This is amazing to have happened in one water year!
  2. Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) is expected to reach historic proportions this week, in phases 8-1.   (This will jack start El Nino again)
  3. Snowpack

Here are a few statements about where we are in the current water year and how the Southern and Central Sierra are doing,

I. Southern Sierra:

  1. The wettest winter for the Southern Sierra was the winter of 1969.   It had an average of 56.3 inches of water for that wet season, averaged over 6 reporting sites.  It is currently 227% of normal on February 12th. Currently, the Southern Sierra stands on par, water wise, with the winter of 1969.
  2. The wettest winter for the Central Sierra was the winter of 1983.  That winter averaged 77.4 inches over 5 recording sites. As of February 12th, it is 230% of normal to date, currently well ahead of the winter of 1983.


Enjoy the next few mild days with highs in the 40s….Next series of snow storms to begin Thursday. They will be colder overall. I expect several feet of snow between Thursday and the following Wednesday.

I will update in my weather letter Thursday morning, in more detail about the net series and what to expect snowfall footage wise, for the Town and Mammoth Mt.