The Calendar says its April, but the weather says its March.  Another 4 to 5 inches of water fell on Mammoth Pass; over 4 feet of fresh snow over the Mammoth Crest.   Today Saturday is a day where the last gasps of unstable air, ahead of the upper trof axis will come through this afternoon. This evening the weather will settle down….

The forecast for today Saturday is for snow showers this afternoon diminishing by the end of the day.  On Sunday, a flat progressive ridge moves through bringing mostly sunny skies with milder temps. 40s. A stronger but progressive ridge builds in Wednesday

The upper jet redevelops to our north this week. There will be several weaker systems,  bringing mainly wind and clouds. There is a chance of showers from one weak short wave Tuesday….Then…

With a high latitude AK block remaining, (-EPO), it is only a matter of time before another significant storm hits the sierra. That time frame will be next Thursday. It looks like a moderate snow producer. (6 to 18) inches over Mammoth Mt)

Here is what the loading pattern of the EPO looks like. The -EPO is just the opposite.

So in the upper picture, 500z you flip the colors. IE Red on top.  Red is high pressure aloft.

The link below will lead you to a good article on both the EPO and WPO. This teleconnection has been the prime reason for our winter!!



Still Hanging in there for Chance of Wettest Winter


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………:-)