It’s been very warm for this time of the year in Mammoth Lakes. We literally went from spring weather to mid summer weather over night! The pattern looks pretty stable through the weekend with isolated thunderstorms and highs in the mid to upper 80s. Lows will continue in the 50s.  Weather synopses shows a subtropical ridge holding tough over the desert southwest with no sign of moving. The weather pattern is also phased with the westerlies with long wave ridging in the vicinity of the west coast. Two anti cyclones, one off shore, and the other thermally anchored over the desert southwest will provide surface convergence over Northern Mono and Alpine counties for diurnal thunderstorms through this weekend. Although the two gyres do phase and strengthen over California this weekend with capping to convection expected by Saturday or Sunday. High temperature’s will bump up to the upper 80s in Mammoth Lakes by Sunday. Bishop high temps will make another run for 107 on Sunday.

So far the July Monsoon has not appeared yet.  I do expect that to begin developing around or just after July 4th…




A Trough of low pressure will temporarily flatten the ridge causing some synoptic cooling early next week. Expect between 5 and 7 degrees of cooling with zephyr winds returning in the afternoon and evening hours. The long range advertisement of a major cool down over the Sierra, the following weekend into the Forth of July appears to be somewhat in Jeopardy now.  More on that next week….


Dr. Howard and the Dweebs………………….:-)