Tuesday AM:

Models Weakening southward push of Mondays weather system. Wind, Cooling  and showers likely with light accumulations if any…..expected this far south.


Monday PM:


After a week that will become increasing warmer then normal over the state, the best chance for some snowfall will be next Monday and Tuesday. The system is likely to be very windy given the antecedent conditions of super warmth by that time. At the moment a blend of the models suggest that the storm will likely favor Northern CA. Its effect upon the South Central Sierra is expected to be light to low end moderate. No AR is expected with this system and thus it should be a much colder storm.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………:-)



A strong ridge of high pressure currently over California will continue to build this week with some very warm temps by Thursday. The unusually warm weather will cool the following weekend with a storm nearing the central west coast toward mid-week.  The longer range and even interseasonal outlooks are laughable as it appears that the Hemispheric Pattern is still trying to figure out what it wants to do or be.  I know that this is driving the long-range forecasters crazy!  🙂   Just reading their long-range week 2 to 4 discussions are Entertaining to say the least!  They keep trying to force a pattern that does not want to be.  This is a transition from season to season that has got to be so frustrating for the experts!

The teleconnections keep changing all the time!  The European shows an -EPO developing toward the end of the month and the new 12z deterministic  GFS today shows a -WPO and cutoff high in the Bering Sea with a break through of the westerlies underneath.  This obviously sets up two different patterns!  Will update later….enjoy the great snow in the upper elevations…..:-)


The Dweeber……………….:-)