I can just hear it from the Ohio Valley to the east coast from Weather Lovers that like the cold and extreme weather yelling…..The Vortex….Please!  However, what is shaping up for the Eastern CONUS is nothing short of a Polar Outbreak on Steroid’s during much of at least the first half of December. Once snow cover gets established in the northern part of the east and Ohio Valley, the Feed Back begins…. Of course when the Polar Vortex (Hudson Bay Low) is well south of its normal position, the west coast ridges up with vengeance. This according to the GFS and EURO is a strong blocking pattern in the making for much of the west coast next week…. Your going to hear about Eastern Cold in the news and our storm for this weekend looks doubtful at best.  This may be part of a 21 day cycle…..Stay Tuned!