Dec 30 10:30AM

A Record High temperature was recorded at the Mammoth Ranger Station Friday with a high of 63 degrees. This is the warmest day since 2000 when the previous high was 57.  A 6 degree change in the high this time of the year is quite exceptional….

Our west coast ridge is still entrenched through New Years day. However, a welcomed pattern change will unfold this Wednesday with the beginning of a wet pattern that is likely to continue into the following Monday.   The first two systems are pretty warm with the snow level at or above 8000 feet. Later in the week, there will be a colder system that will bring snow into the Town of Mammoth.

On a different note, there is a very strange pattern of Sea Surface temperatures across the pacific over the mId latitudes.  Here is a link to have a look.  The waters are anomalously cold.



It was a mild night last night in the high country with over night lows in the low 30s at the Village at Mammoth. Our west coast ridge will remain entrenched through the New Year, continuing the mild weather trend in town with daytime highs in the 50s and night-time lows in the upper 20 and 30s.  Excluding the highest elevations winds will be light.

As advertised in past discussions, there is a very good chance that a trend of strengthening tropical forcing over the Indian Ocean (VIA-MJO) expected over the next several days will set into motion a change in the mid latitude hemispheric pattern. This change will bring precipitation back into the west coast and California as early as next Wednesday, but more likely the following week. This change will allow the big Eastern Trough or a portion of it to move out over the Atlantic, thereby opening up the wave length and weakening our west coast ridge. This would allow stormy weather to return to California.


More later on this developing pattern change……


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………….:-)