It’s over….At least a repreave. Short wave ridging moving in and there may have been a chirp from a blue bird. The powder is so deep today that you have to be careful when skiing or boarding off trail because of the possibility of immersion suffocation.  So take a deep breath when down weighting and be sure to ski and board with a buddy. Official storms total 89 to 132 inches.  Sorry Kirkwood…. we beat you on this one….The bullseye was the northern part of the Southern Sierra.

Other comments…

Mammoth is digging out today. You can really see the benefits of owning a Honda snowblower when you have to blow the snow 10 to 20 feet up on some of those berms.  You don’t have to blow the same snow twice!


Ok……Enough folklore…

Weather discussion;


I have been touting the MJO the past several days. The equatorial Tropical Forcing is strengthening and is strong into the western pacific. It moves into the central pacific late next week.So currently in phase 7, then 8 Then 1 on MJO phase space. This tool lets you see beyond the 2 forecast models, giving insight and supporting changes that the global models come up with that you may question. As mentioned over the past week, the MJO is moving east, it is strong and it means business. It strongly suggests an atmospheric river, and in this case because of the pattern that is seasoned; for Southern California. When? Between Thursday and Saturday AM after St Valentine’s Day. The IOP looks to be Friday into Saturday AM. This looks to be a power house. However…. I will remind all that today is Wednesday and there is lots of time to adjust…..

For Mammoth:

The AR looks to be mainly south of Central CA. We will look to be on the northern flank of the hose.  The core of the hose will be over Northern  Baja.   Nevertheless, the storm has the potential to bring another massive amount of snowfall to our mountain that weekend.

in the meantime…..a moderate storm will bring additional snowfall to the hi-country this weekend. Between the two storms, another 1 to 2 feet is possible….