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A Spring Storm System will bring heavy snow overnight with showers Wednesday afternoon and Thursday……Skies will clear by Friday with seasonal temperatures expected by weeks end…….No major storms expected the following week…..

The winds have been blowing throughout the high country the past 24 hours with stronger gusts expected today.  Expect increasing cloudiness today with a slight chance of snow this afternoon…..A Winter Storm Warning is in effect, beginning at 1100pm tonight through 1100pm Wednesday night. Snow fall amounts are expected in the 6 to 12 inch range in the Town of Mammoth and between 1 and 2 feet on Mammoth Mt by Thursday morning. Additional amounts are expected, however lighter on Thursday.

The weather pattern across the EPO region still is highlighted by a block. Thus the westerlies are forced to the south  across the central and eastern pacific. Nevertheless, height rises will occur this weekend and early next week for some beautiful weather across California outside of a few instability showers early next week.  There may be a storm on our horizon the following weekend…


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……..:-)

Beautiful Weekend in Play with Spring in the Air…..Vernal Equinox arrives early this year as Winter shifts into Spring…Unsettled weather returns Wednesday into the weekend..

March 20th….7:15am

Mammoth Mt reports 7 to 10 inches of snow overnight…..the WX front with this storm is through Mammoth….However there are several VORT centers that will keep the weather showery today through Thursday. There is another 2 to 4  inches over the upper elevation possible through tomorrow.

So the secondary’s will roll in tonight and tomorrow as a couple of vort maxes roll through.  Any one of them could produce 1 to 3 inches as they are convective and may have some thunderstorms with them. Some Isolated amounts may be up to 6 inches in a few areas.  The next system Friday night may Bring some 5 to 7 inches over the crest…Friday night into a Saturday morning……MORE LATER….



March 18th 9:10AM

Spring will roar in like a lion this year as several light to moderate snow producing systems head into Southern and Central CA.    A blocking high over BC, CANADA sets the stage for undercutting and a California storm track. Although the block over BC favors Southern California…….According to the ecmwf, the block retrogrades west to Alaska toward the end of the month for a better shot at Northern and Central Ca according to teleconnections.

So far, these systems are not all that impressive moisture wise.  Expect some 5 to 8 inches from the Wednesday-Thursday system on Mammoth Mt, with another but weaker system Friday night into Saturday.   Daytime high this week will average in the 30s and 40 while lows in the Teens and Twenties.  In the Town of Mammoth, expect between 2 and 5 inches by Thursday with a few more inches Saturday.

Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………:-)





This is the last weekend of Winter and the Dweebs have spring fever, longing for highs in the 50s….  The Vernal Equinox arrives early this year on Wednesday the 20th at 1:58 PM. Apparently, this is just in time for more snowfall….

Another unsettled pattern begins early Wednesday morning and should continue a few days.  Snowfall will be in the light to moderate range.   This new pattern is nothing like the ones of February. The system for Wednesday will push into Southern CA and become closed off with wrap around circulation and snowfall highlighted above 6000 to 7000 feet.  In that the upper flow is Southerly to begin with, no orographics are indicated as the system moves in to enhance precipitation.  Best snowfall may be coming in from the ENE. Expect about 2 to 4 inches in town and some 4 to 7 inches on the mountain….  Another system will move in later next weekend. That one “may” do a bit better as it comes in a bit further north, however,  it too looks splitty and thus tricky!.   More will follow after the weekend storm….. With an amazing snowpack….it does not take much to freshen it up!


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Stay tuned to Mammoth Best Weather for the Dweebs!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………..:-)



One more slider system to bring showers tonight while upper ridge builds in Wednesday and Thursday……Fair and warm St Patty’s Day……Then beware of the ides of March…..

Thursday PM

Quite weather pattern to continue through Monday with highs climbing to the low 50s by Sunday and Monday,  lows at night will in the teens then 20s late weekend….

Pattern next week looks wimpy compared to the storms of February.  Nevertheless, mainly light to moderate precipitation is expected Tuesday night into Wednesday.  There is a bit of a challenge for Wednesday as on of the models splits the trof coming in during the morning period. If that becomes mainstream thinking,  we could end up with a lot less.   Best guess now is 6 to 12 inches above 8000 feet.  The snow level should range between as high as 7500 ir 8,000, down to about 6500 feet. There is another system that looks similar the following weekend.  Remember, this is just an outlook, more details will come over the weekend and early next week….   In the meantime, have a happy and safe St Patties Day Sunday……..a big pot of Corn Beef, Cabbage and Carrots with a splash of Jameson one of my favorites.


The Storm system that brought the chill and the light snow over the weekend was rapidly opening into a trof and accelerating eastward through the deserts and Northern Mexico this afternoon. On its heals was the last short wave in the form of an inside slider. This system will bring another shot of cooling later tonight and Wednesday as well as a brief shot of light snow showers this evening. It has a good gradient as well, so expect wind.    Highs will be in the low 30s once again Wednesday.

As promised, the weekend looks much milder. There will be some cloudiness at times, however highs will climb toward 50 by Sunday and Monday.

There is another pattern shift next week. The upper high that builds over the weekend will amplify up into Western Canada. This forces the undercutting of the westerlies back into California. Being that it is Mid March, and the MJO is not strongly favoring areas of  the phase space that would support an AR, the outlook is clouded, no pun intended. The CPC has the central and north Central CA wet mid-week, next week. The models struggle with a weak extension of the east asian jet into the central west coast by mid-week.  However, I will say that this time, there is no phasing with any cold Trof.  So, if we get a storm, the snow level may end up higher with any storm track that develops. In any case,  It is too soon to know any details…..Better visibility by the weekend.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………:-)