Our upper air Alaskan High has broken down in the mean and low pressure is developing in its place as the EPO teleconnection switches Positive…..The transition spells out a windy period for the high country as the last in the series of western progressive trofs come through Tuesday. This will lend to a Springtime Great Basin Low that will develop Thursday  afternoon into Friday night…..Cold Blustery showery weather will result for Friday….Although the weekend looks pretty nice…  Do not expect much snowfall from these systems other than a few inches up on Mammoth Mt. All in all, maybe 3 to 5 inches from the two weather systems by Friday night over the crest.   A dusting in town is possible beginning Tuesday and again Thursday night through Friday night.  No major storms in sight!


For the Owens Valley, the travel will become very difficult if not hazardous for high profile vehicles by Tuesday mid morning (9:00)AM) to 2:00 AM Wednesday, as well as many areas of Central and Southern Nevada…..Southeastern California as well.  Travelers in these areas should pay close attention to NWS forecasts for the next few days.  Strong Gusty Northerly winds will develop over the Valley during the Mid Morning hours….