Our West Coast Trough is forecasted to deepen again as more energy is diverted anomalously south over the far west. This will lead to an increase in moisture, dynamics and showers and thunderstorms. The process begins Wednesday with mainly afternoon and evening showers increasing each day through Friday.  The Weekend looks unsettled as well with a drying trend beginning Sunday into the middle of next week.

There is actually an upper low that spins up through Friday AM and remains in the “sweet spot”, Friday through Saturday with upper divergence over the Central Sierra. By Sunday the Upper Low gradually weakens over Southern CA as high pressure builds over our state Monday through Wednesday next week. This upper high will bring the warmest temperatures of the year to the Eastern Sierra. Low to mid 70s are possible by Tuesday or Wednesday with low 90s in Bishop. Creeks and Streams will be running high next week, as the run-off resumes….


Long Range: (The Telle’s)

With the EPO going positive this weekend; well get a real taste of late spring weather the following week.  However, teleconnections favor the EPO going negative again by the following weekend. Note;  (High pressure blocking over AK is negative EPO and low pressure over AK is +EPO; Blocking over EPO region, often forces the jet to the south over the far west.

Thus toughing is likely to develop again over the far west by the following weekend. So far, the Trof (-height anomaly) according to the ensembles, does not deepen as far south or is as cold as far south, as the current pattern. Its negative height anomaly remains further north over the Pacific NW as compared as the current Trof with its negative height anomaly over Southern CA and the Desert Southwest.  This means that most likely it will be a milder system at this latitude. It will bring drier air into our region and offer mainly high clouds, wind and temps more in the 60s, rather than the 30s, 40s, and 50s of late.

Are we done with snowfall here in Mammoth?   The climo shows the last frost about Fathers Day.  That is usually preceded by some light snowfall.  Remember…Climate is what you expect and weather is what you get!  🙂


Dr Howard the Dweebs………………………:-)