Although Mammoth Lakes did not pick up any showers on Tuesday, showers and thunderstorms developed from the north, to the east and southeast with ground reports indicating of over an inch of rain over the Rock Creek Lake area as reported by the owners of the resort. Other areas including Tioga, Bodie Hills, Doe Ridge, Mammoth AP and BISHOP AP, indicated light amounts of precipitation ranging from a trace to up to .12 of an inch.  For the next few days, showers and thunder storms are possible in these same areas.   Mammoth so far has been exempt from this precip as early afternoon zephyr winds have sheared and blown most of the cloudiness to the east.


Outlook;   The Rapid refresh model once again is keeping showers out of Mammoth Today. However, there is a Vort Center coming up from the south Thursday afternoon that might aid in providing showers and thunder further west, into Mammoth on Thursday. The Vort center is associated with the Rt Rear entry region of a 50 Knot jet at 250MB.

The weekend outlook is dry with only isolated activity Saturday and dry in all areas Sunday through Tuesday.  The continental upper high shifts west into Southern CA shunting monsoon moisture and upper dynamics south. It will be warm in Mammoth and hot in the deserts.  Highs in Mammoth 75 to 80, lows in the 50s…


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………:-)