It was just two days ago, our highs were in the upper 60 and today upper 20s..   That’s pretty remarkable and difference in 40 degrees of cooling over two days….   Our closed low that brought us rain and snow showers to town yesterday afternoon has moved inland and located over Kern County. it will meander in the same areas today before moving over southern NV later Thursday AM. The Rapid Refresh model brings some .25 to .5 inches of QPF to our area, Mainly this evening. So expect a better chance of snowfall accumulations this evening. (2 to 5 inches)

After a chilly day Friday, expect a fair and cool weekend with high climbing to the upper 40s by Sunday.  Thereafter it will grow cooler Monday and Tuesday as a NW slider pushes drier cooler air into our area from the Pacific NW.  Night time temps will be in the 20s, then teens early next week in the drier air.  Snow making is full on now on Mammoth Mtn.

The comments from the CPC were well taken yesterday. Again they are looking at the possibility of a cold western trough late this month and into December. Exactly where it sets up will be key. This is an even colder weather pattern than what we have now.   The storm track will retrograde a bit around the Thanksgiving holiday. That means that there may be more over water trajectory and a better chance of accumulating snowfall.  However the main emphasis is going to be the cold that will be headed our way toward the end of the month.  Both the Euro and the GFS still have their differences and a difference of only 100 miles will be a big deal on how much snow we get from the changing weather system. Further retrogression of the western trough is expected in December…..

This month….These systems will still spin up off the west coast and drop south over California. That is usually not a great pattern for snowfall, but again, a little more of an off shore track would make a big difference. December looks much better!


I will have the EURO’s long range outlook update this Friday for snowfall in December…..


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………….:-)