Fathers Day:


It’s the first full day of Summer and it feels like it.  Temps today should hit 80 degrees in Mammoth.  At 12:00PM a light zephyr had begun.  For those that have never experienced Mammoth in the Summer, I can say without reservation, that Summers in Mammoth are nothing short of heaven on earth!  For the most part, Summers are dry, with low humidly.  Days are sunny with the exception of a handful of thunderstorm days.

The weather outlook this upcoming week will be fair with high temperatures some 10 degree above normal. As pressures build aloft this weekend, there will still be an afternoon Zephyr, A subtropical high will build aloft over the state for lighter afternoon breezes Monday and Tuesday. Afternoon convection will drive mainly isolated late afternoon thunderstorms Mid Week.  In the longest range, an early Summer Trof will bring some 10 to 15 degrees of cooling the end of the month into the first few days of July. This Trof looks to bring gusty winds fire weather concerns.  Nighttime lows may back down into the 30s for a day or two. However, highs will still reach upper 60s and low 70s.  All the global models have this Trof for the 29th, 30th and first few days of July.


The westerlies continue to their recession to the north this week as Spring shifts to Summer this weekend. These are the very longest days of the year……  Sunset averages about 5:39 PM with Sunrises at 5:30 AM. Saturday’s daylight is 15 hours and 18 minutes. The Summer Solstice occurs at 2:44 PM Saturday Local time.

500MB charts and progs show a slow migratory short wave over the Pacific NW  Monday and Tuesday with 130 knot upper Jet NW/SE through far Northern CA. Expect breezy weather today through Tuesday. Wind advisories are hoisted for Mono County Lakes,  3:00PM Monday through 10:00PM Monday night. However, because the weather system is so far north, little if any cooling is expected the next few days….  Last weekends storm look to be the last of the season as the westerlies continue their retreat to the north….


Cut off lows may still enhance afternoon convection, the next few weeks for afternoon thunderstorms, however, afternoon temps likely to stay warm!!  70s….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…..:-)