Today’s a special day…  It’s the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemispheric. The suns rays are at their greatest angle away from us…Our day-light is at its dimest…..It feels like were on the Dark Side of the Sun…..  However, its a very special night tonight as the Grand Conjuction of both Saturn and Jupiter will cause both planets to appear as one. Catch it,  when skies darken tonight, in the southwest above Mammoth Pass….

An approaching inside slider has brought breezy conditions to Mammoth Lakes this afternoon. It will turn colder the next couple of days, however, the system is very progressive and its quick departure will not likely allow any precipitation to the high county. A quick dump of cold air is likley, followed by a short wave ridge to cap it off…..

Further out in the pacific is a small wave that has become pinched off, will spread high clouds over our area beginning later Wednesday into Christmas Eve. Precipitation is not expected from this weak system. Further out time wise, an approaching upper jet will act to consolidate the upper flow over Central and Northern CA by Christmas Day Eve.  The jet will carry a lot of moisture with it. However, threre will not be any cold air advection as the upper jet is to the north of us. So littel in the way of any dynamics. Preliminary EST Snowfall amounts look to be in the light range with some 3 to 6 inches.  Will fine tune over the next few days. Precip looks to fall primarially between Friday night into Saturday with the snow level aroud 6000 to 7000 feet. The Owens Valley looks to be shadowed out from this system.

The following system looks more dynamic for later Sunday into Monday….Potentially, that may be a better snowfall producing weather maker.  The only caveat is that the system appears to be splitting so more time is needed to determine its precip potential.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………………..:-)