High WInd Warning was issues by the National Weather Service beginning at 6:00AM Saturday to 4:00PM Saturday

Stay in Touch with the advisories from the National Weather Service as they will be watching this developing situation through out the night tonight….


Today’s model trends show a very Nasty 160 knot NW jet that will be moving in later tonight and affecting our area through Saturday evening. The emphasis is wind with light amounts of snowfall. Another windy and potentially just as strong a system will move into our area Monday evening with high winds into Tuesday.    The Pattern is the very ugly and strong NW jet.  This is the pattern where we get our strongest winds. Both the Saturday and the Monday night system will bring light amounts of snowfall. in the 1 to 6 inch range.  The Communities along Highways 395 like Crowley Lake may have winds in the 80 to100mph range or stronger….

Winds aloft in our area are expected to be 50 Knots at 700MB/Double that for an estimation of winds on the top of Mammoth mountain (100Knots). Then to estimate surface winds along eastern slopes divide by 2/3rds… So winds are expected around 67 knots at the surface. (77 MPH)  Gusts are possible to 88 or 90MPH.  Of course this is just a guide.  Terrain enhancement’s can really come into play with stronger winds in some areas.

Looking at the Rapid Refresh Model for mid morning Saturday, the winds are pretty strong From Mammoth South along 395  to Wheeler Crest with another strong area of strong winds near Fort Independence.


Dr Howard the the Dweebs……………………:-)