What an amazing Summer for Climatologists this year.  All kinds of records falling; and of course the mega drought in the west.

Lake Oroville Hydro shut down!

Current weather shows the effect of troughs in the Pacific NW and Northern CA that have created a wind shift driving smoke back into Central CA. Its pretty smokey up in the Tahoe and Reno Areas again.. There is another trof that may bring some relief from smoke over the weekend. Temps to range on the high side of normal for this time of the year though Sunday


What I see in the future next week is a return to the pattern we had in Mid July. Hot and muggy in the deserts, warm in the high country with thunderstorms.  This begins Wednesday and looks likley to continue for at least a week or longer. The addition is the climo support of TS’s coming up the west coast from Mexico in mid to late August Enhancing rainfall for the sierra and Desert SW. More on this later….


Mega Drought enhanced by Global Warming, However a bigger and more immediate driver maybe Low Solar/Cool phase of the PDO and La Nina.  Some Scholarly papers in play at the moment….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………..:-)