1:25PM  Monday. the 28th

New ECMWF came in and splits the Trof more than GFS.  So amounts at this time look to be more in the 3 to 6 inches range rather than 8 to 10 over the crest. However, there is always the possibility of getting a bit more.  Another wave will come in Friday Night with another chance at light snowfall Saturday. We still look good for at least a foot total over the crest by weeks end with the unsettled weather lasting into early next week. There are other possibilities out there in the week 2 period.

New Strato warming event under way with potential effects over the far west mid month.


The Dweeber……………….:-)


The long awaited change in the pattern will develop by the middle of the new week bringing the possibility of moderate snowfall back into the high country Thursday.  Although the pattern change for Central CA, is not expected to be associated with an AR, it will bring a good shot of snowfall to the high country, beginning this Thursday and even possibly into the following week depending upon which model you look at. Latest Sunday 12Z GFS Deterministic Model run has about a foot of snow over the crest by Friday morning with another shot coming in Saturday and another Monday a week away.   Hopefully the hits keep right on coming to where we might get a few feet of snow by the end of 2nd week of March.   The first system is pacific born, and so it will be warmer with higher snow levels while its successors bring colder systems ,as the Long Wave once again develops to our east.


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