Quick update this morning to tout the record cold temperatures in the Owens Valley last night. A new record of 9 degree was set at the Bishop AP eclisping the old record set back in 1991 of 10 degrees for this Morning.

A slow warming trend is expected as Cold Arctic Air leaves the region and modifys. At the sametime, early morning lows will get colder in areas like Bridgeport which had enough breeze last night to keep temps to only zero.

Tonights lows will be at least -10 as temp inversions set in.

MJO forcing still on track to force pattern change next week.  The ECMWF model has been pretty consistant with a wetter storm about the middle of next week.  It has the upper jet coming in just north of Santa Barbara.  The GFS has been lagging so far. However, it too is now picking up on the change and brings in a system from the west about Wednesday night or Thursday.  I will say that the system is fairly far to our north, in this mornings opperational run.  Being that the EC has been so consistant, there is plenty of time for the GFS to adjust.   The GFS has the system tracking more our way for the following Friday night and Saturday, followed by a colder system the following Monday. The GFS suggests a return to the cold drier than normal pattern we currenty have for a while the folowing week.  Lots of time to figure it all out!!


The Dweeber……………….:-)



It was an exceptionally cold Breezy Day Tuesday with a high of 18 in Mammoth Lakes. An equally cold day today is expected with breezes expected to develop later this afternoon.   Tonight as skies clear, tempertures will plummet to near zero in Mammoth with areas like Bridgeport and Crowley Lakes -15 to -20.   Beginning Thursday, a gradual warming trend of expected into Early Next week. BTW, Mammoth Mt reported 5 to 6 inches of new powdery snow!

We’re approaching the end of the month now and we are going to see if the MJO tropical forcing signel brings in a storm from the west by the middle of next week. Tuesday or Wednesday woud be the time frame of a possible weak AR or something like that. At the Moment, the GFS is not showing anything signifacant. However,  the Euro is very encourging. Stay tuned. This is the response that the Dweebs have been touting the past several weeks….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………..:-)