Most of the moisture is gone now from the tropical influx of last week. Outside of a few remaining isolated showers today and tomorrow, temperatures will now be seasonal to a bit cooler than normal. Breezy weather to develop Saturday into Sunday as the Equinox Trof arrives Sunday into Wednesday next week. Some light snowfall is possible over the higher elevations next Monday night into Tuesday night next week. This will be associated with some pretty chilly temperature’s Sunday into Tuesday. 50s for highs and 20s and 30s lows.

Oktoberfest weekend the following weekend looks warm and fair under ridging…

Fall Equinox is the 22nd at 6:04 PM

PS  Just looked at the ECMWF Seasonal Outlook for Mammoth.   A wet November, to be followed by normal to above normal precipitation in December.   for 2023, Dryer than normal January, followed by normal to above normal precipitation for February and March.

Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………:-)