It was a beautiful weekend in the high country. High temperatures in town were in the low 50s and lows in the 30s. It was a bit breezy as expected. The thaw was in full swing with Mid August like Sun. In that the snowpack remains very deep and wide spread, surface enhanced convection was quite surpressed. It will take some strong upper divergence to create meaningfull precipatation here in the high country. This new week will begin much like this weekend. However, further height rises mid week into the weekend will provide for further warming. By mid week, highs could hit mid to upper 50s. Then low 60s possible by Thursday or Friday. 60s is really tough with the amount of snowcover we have, so time will tell.  With the increase in run off later this week, there is bound to be some issues in the mid and lower elevation areas of Mono and Inyo Counties.  Beyond next weekend, as touted, a change in the pattern is possible during the first week in May. A trough or closed low is expected to develop offshore. Upper divergence is expected to develop creating lots of unstable air. Again, with all the snowpack over the Sierra, that will to some degree, inhibit the type of storminess that benifits from surface CAPE. Nevertheless, the chance of showers, potential thunder and snowfall is still a possibility during the first week of May.

Next update the end of next week, hopefully….


The Dweeber…………….;-)


The Cold Trof that brought a inch of snow to Mammoth Mt yesterday along with strong gusty winds in the high country is continuing to shift east through Rockies.  Strong height rises are occuring over the far Eastern Pacific and should shift inland this weekend. Its possible that this ridge and pattern could hold a good part of next week and even into the end of the month. However, there is a Great Basin/Rocky Mtn slider that will kick up more wind, Monday into Tuesday. Overall, nicer weather with high temperatures pushing well into the 50s at times in town will really increase the snow melt.  There will be periods of afternoon winds, some days stronger than others. Lows at night will move up in the 30s over the weekend.  At this point, the Dweebs do not likley see a major change in the pattern to unsettled, until the end of the Month or more likley early May. Inter seasonal maps show a chilly period returning with the possibility of some snowfall the first week of May, into possibly the 2nd week of May.  This longer range is of course more speculative and subject to change.

Extensive Snowmelt is expected over the next 10 days……


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………….:-)