Local weather to warm through Saturday with highs in the low 70s at 7500 to 8000 feet. Lows in the 30s and 40s.  Sunday looks cooler and Breezy to windy!

A deepening storm now over the Gulf of AK becomes a Canadian low by this Saturday, then pushes southward into the Western US by early next week,  This pattern change will behave very similar to an late winter or early spring system, increasing winds across the Sierra and much of the Great Basin, Sunday and Monday.

High Temperatures will drop between 10 and 15 degrees for the Sierra early next week with some of the colder valleys getting down into the mid to upper 20s by Tuesday AM.  At the moment, this pattern looks dry and windy with lots of clouds at times. The upper low hangs around California through at least next Thursday with the weather quite breezy at times and quite cool at night.

By the following weekend of the 24th, the pattern of next week’s Trof weakens and retrogrades west a bit.  There have been pleanty of global model runs, that have been suggesting that a change to a warmer pattern will develop over the Desert Southwest, during the last week of June. If this developing Trof next week remains over shore, Mammoth will continue to be breezier than normal through months end.  That in part is due to the development of the Continential High, over or near the 4 Corners States and the west coast trof keeping the gradient a bit strong through Mammoth Pass.

Beyond months end, is always questionable due to the length in time. The upper high seems to want to get very strong by early July and bring temps well into the 80s in Mammoth and 100s in the Owens Valley during the first week of July. Some model Runs suggest this upper High getting up into the 600DM Range.

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