The next 2 to 3 days still looks seasonal with lows in the 40s and highs in the mid 70s in town. Another note with this trof is that there will be lots of wind in the afternoon, especially later in the day and evenings.  Sunday night lows continuing in 40s with wind gusts possibe to 40+ MPH into Tuesday evening, however the temps will begin to climb!

Looking at the 0 to 6 day outlook, it looks very dry for most of California. Although we have had a summer time trof off the west coast for a while, a major change in the pattern shows an east west continential ridge stretching from the Texas Panhandle to well off the California coast. This developing new mid week ridge will eventually pump the 500MB hight up to 600+ beginning this weekend, so hot is the word. The core of the feature  will try to expand into Eastern CA over weekend. Whats interesting is that next weekend usually has some of the warmest temps of the Summer into that following week. So not surprisingly, at the Bishop AP, temps may hit 110.  Eventually, Summertime thunderstorms will kick in, but when? My bet will be next week. We still have plenty of snow in the back country. Well see if we hit 90 this Saturday in Mammoth.

Monday Morning update:

This power house Contentional ridge that sets up this weekend will last, according to the longer range models, well past this weekend into the next weekend. So get ready for the severe heat in the local deserts this weekend, continuing possibly into the following weekend as well!

As a note, Mammoth’s all time high was 95 at the Visitor Center some 30+ years ago.   In Bishop, 110 at the AP. If the Thunderstorm action holds off a bit, which usually follows any major heatwave like this, we may be in for some new records. I will not be reporting later this week through next.

Dr Howard and the Dweebs.