Everything weatherwise is set for a major summertime tropical event over the southern third of the state. Moisture from Hilary is already moving into the extream Southern CA deserts, with it all moving northward through Monday night. It is getting help from an upper low off the coast of CA, to keep moisture and circulation further west than otherwise.  Some places in the mountains could get well over 5 inches of rain and lots of flash flooding is possible down there. As far as our listening areas, The southern potion of Inyo County north is under the gun the most, eastward through Death Valley, east into Nevada.  Road wash outs in some area are not out of the question.  However, all of Inyo County into Southern Mono County will have major concerns water wise. Its been about 85 years since this has happened.

This morning, the CAT storm 4 west of CABO will begin to weaken during the night. However, the storm may still have winds that qualify for tropical storm catogory later this weekend. The winds want to seem to benifit the southern 2/3 portion of the Southern CA coastal area.

Lots of rain for Southern CA!   Too bad it seems to come at all once!!    Mammoth could get 1 to 2 inches of rain by Tuesday.




For Mammoth, the several days of on and off showers and thunderstorms continued this week, Tomorrow, Friday and possibly into Saturday should continue that trend. Monsoon moisture still has the chances of precipitating. High temps have been in the low 70s and lows at night in the 50s.

Later this weekend is the big concern.  A rather large wet airmass has the potential of bringing several inches of rain, developing Sunday through the middle of next week. All this is a few days away but should be here or east of here by weeks end. We are in the northern portion here in Mammoth so we will see how it works for us.

Again, a major surge of moisture will arrive over the late weekend driven by Hurricane Hilary now west of Baja. This will bring widespread rain and flash flood concerns over Baja into Southern California then into Central Sierra and east. There is still some concern about where the actual storm is going, but it will be weakening as it comes into the US. If it stays more to the west or offshore, Southern California, the Central and Southern Sierra could get quite a bit of rain early next week. Or, it could shift east and give less rain.

It’s not clear whether or not the low will be off the coast of Southern California or the deserts of Southern California as the low comes north. What does that mean, well it means how much rain fall develops west -meaning southern California gets rain.

Either way, we are going to get wet, but how wet early next week remains to be seen.

Friday Update;

According to some of the guidence this morning today Friday, some 2 to 3 inches of water is possible between this Sunday and the following Tuesday is for our area.