Its been a Summer with cooler then normal temps over all which is now coming to an end….Enjoy the last almost full day of Summer Friday!

Our weather pattern is showing a shift now to even more long wave trofing than during the Summer.  With this strong El Nino in place, no telling how it will end up, but its bound to be interesting! 🙂

The 6 to 10 and 8 to 14 day outlooks are definetly cooler than normal into early October.  At this time, even through there is not any huge amount of precip in the outlook, showers at times are in the outlook at times through early October, with lots of dry periods, wind and colder than normal temps.

PS; the Dweeb Report has had health issues. Not sure how long it will continue. I have had a blast doing it for the past 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

Love You All!!

The Dweeber!