Looks like some good precip amounts later today and through the night tonight. Some area will get larger storms but who?  Anyway, over the crest, good frontal precip is possible with some areas receiving over a foot of snow. Most Elevations at 7500 to 8000 feet will get 3 to 6+ inches and within a few larger storms, some areas will get more. Temps will be in the 30s today in town with lows over the weekend in the teens and low twenties.

The precip will be ending later Sunday. Next week looks dry with periods of warming and cooling.

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This Dweeb is still on line. It started in the 1990s. Today, I am in my early 70s, I will keep it going while I can….

The storm system discuessed last week, is still of concern for its performance. The issue is that the bulk of the precip will remain off shore, inland to the west side of the Sierra. At the moment, Thursday and Thursday night seem to be the best period for precip, then again Saturday, with light to moderate amounts, mainly over the crest. The upper low does open and becomes more inland over the weekend. That will help areas more east of the crest get better precip on Saturday.

The Dweebs hope the upper Sierra Crest gets 6 to 12 inches. Well see…..The Town may get 3 to 6 inches by Sunday. However, the snow level varies a lot so well see. Keep your fingers crossed. Saturday may bring some light amounts of snow in town as the upper low does come through with colder temps. Question will be how much snow will fall in town.


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We have a nice weekend shaping up for November 9th, with temps warming up well into the 50s and lows in th 20s.  There will be breeze at times but dry weather through Monday.  The mornings global maps were coming out with big questions whether Mammoth would get signifacant snowfall, later next week. The Euro had not finish running so well have to see how it all works out. The GFS was drier and slower.

As a comment, several of our passes are closed now.


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