It been a dry chilly weekend in Mammoth and the Dweebs expect some increase in daytime warmth through Tuesday. The current upper trough is still shifting east and weakening while the upper high over BC will weaken while heading into the Pacific NW next few days.  Highs in Mammoth will warm some through Tuesday, before cooling Wednesday into the remainder of the week. The latest modeling is suggesting a moderate trough that may affect Coastal then interior CA by (Wednesday-Friday)   Initially, Mammoth might get light amounts Wednesday, then light to moderate amounts by Thursday and Friday, if the Coastal Trof shifts inland more. Mammoth may get 1 to 3 inches in town by weeks end.

So…December is starting to look a bit more promissing for Mammoth Mt. later next week. Notes; The first series of systems are Northwesterly short waves, that are usually not big precip producers, but that can change.  Dweebs will have a better handel on it later next week.

Beyond next weekend, is going to get tricky,  There seems to be the possibly of a strato warming event later in the month of Dec.  That can effect our weather but not always on a wet side.  The weather over the Sierra could get quite dry. More time is needed into December so well see. Stay tuned….

Temps over Mammoth will be in the mid 40s by Tuesday, then cool to the 30s by Wednesday through the following weekend.

Lows will continue in the upper teens and low 20s.   At the moment, a chance of snow will be in the forecast next Wednesday the 29th through Dec 2nd.   Light amounts expected. Get ready for some wind as well….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………..:-)