Forecast models are jacking up precipation amounts later next week. 2nd half of next week is beginning to look awesume with amounts that are increasing later in the week. Several more feet expected now over the crest. However, trying to guess how much in town Thursday through next weekend still a challenge.

Over all, its looking like a great Christmas with plenty of snow moving into the lower elevations in Town, Thursday through Sunday.

Remember, the weather can change so well keep you in the Que….






A couple inches of water is still in the forecast the first half of next week.  So, a couple feet of snow is possible over the high elevations (Crest) above 9000 feet. Temps beginning Sunday night will provide the chance of snowfall above 7500 feet then rise in the 8500 to 8800 Monday with snow/rain fall fluxuation through between 8200 to 8800 much of next week.

Monday through Wednesday is best timing for precip.

Snow level 7500 going up to 8500+ early next week.  As you can see, the snow levels are a pain for the weatherman in town with this pattern.




I have to say that this is such a typical El Nino. El Ninos offer some of the toughest winter weather forecasts for the forecaster.  Hope this one has good promise for a few months of rain and snowfall for Central CA.

Currently we have a cutoff low developing off shore that will slowly move into CA late Sunday into Monday. This innitially, has the freezing levels between 8200 to 9000 feet so do not expect signifacent snowfall accumulation or much of any for the town early to middle of next week. It will be different for the Crest with amounts at least a couple of feet by Thursday next week. More significant snowfall is expected by or before Christmas. We should have good snowfall and a good snowpack by Christmas Day on Mammoth Mt.

With as mild as these storms are, snowfall amounts in town are going to be very light….Initially, not much through the middle of next week.


More Later