This afternoons models continued to show strong height falls along the pacific coast into the Great Basin over the weekend. Several additional impulses will follow the original front Friday afternoon, well south into California Saturday.  Moderate precipitation will shift south from Northern Ca, down through the Central Sierra after the initial front moves through Friday afternoon. By Friday night, moderate snowfall is expected in Mammoth. Then heavier snowfall will develop over the Central Sierra later Saturday, as the reloading of height falls occurs Saturday and a closed low develops off the extreme Northern Ca coast by evening. This will have the effect of driving an even stronger moisture fetch into the Sierra, later Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning. Heavy snowfall will occur at this time in the Mammoth Area.

HPC 5 day QPF is boosted over the crest close to 3.00 storm total by Monday.  Again…snow to water ratios will begin at about 10:1 then grow to about 20:1 by Saturday night. Thus snowfall totals, “up to” 2 feet is possible at elevations at 8000…. and up to as high as 4 feet over the crest for the Central and Northern Sierra by Monday.

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