It was a cold morning in Mammoth. -5F in town and 0F at the Village.  The Coldest temps ranged from -15F to -20F in the coldest valleys early this AM.

New 12z WRF had the upper jet north/south over Eastern Ca this morning with the progs translating it eastward out of here by tonight!  That will allow the gusty winds over the crest to expire later today and temps to finally warm up over the residential sections tomorrow. However…it will be another cold day today with highs in the 20s again for The Town of Mammoth.

The Eastern Pacific Pattern is overall pretty benign for the central west coast. IE. with shortwave ridging the  next few days then a small split off system coming into California late Thursday/Friday. 

The upper jet remains pretty split coming off of  Eastern Asia. With the jet split, there tends to create an overall pattern of out of phase systems over several areas of the Pacific.  For the west coast it generally means that central west coast big storms are on hold for a while.

HPC QPF for the Central Sierra is about 1/2 inch through Saturday AM. 

Longer range:

Of note…The Dweebs are seeing something develop… Arctic jet at the top of the Greenland Block that will move along in the Polar Easterlies and circumnavigate the globe and eventually end up in the Gulf Of AK by Mid month. The fantasy charts blow up a monster of a storm later in the second week of Dec associated with this Cold Arctic low.  Between now and then the mean ridge position appears to be near the dateline. The wavelength suggests that the next series of strong west coast storms will be much warmer and wetter. The entrainment of tropical moisture is also a possibility.

Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………..:-)

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