Nuisance is the word to describe the weather the rest of the week. Cloudy at times, light snow or snow showers beginning Thursday night….breezy in town and windy over the crest with temps more seasonal for this time of the year. The Dweebs call it nuisance weather, because if it isn’t going to snow deep  than one could argue that it should just be sunny? 

The upshot of the forecast is the flat ridge currently over the far west will shift east a bit into next week. With a weak split trof to the west. The upper flow is still severely split coming off Asia and that carries pretty much on east to the west coast through next week. The Global Models still forecast a block to form near the dateline. However, if the block set up much further west, a major upper ridge will form over or near the west coast for quite a spectacular period of  fair weather. I see the upper jet for the most part well north of Mammoth for quite some time.


Don’t know how many of you have been following the ramp up of solar cycle 24, but the ramp up is about as anemic as one can be.

Geoff Sharp is a solar scientist that studies the Sun and believes that in his theory, that the planets modulate the solar cycle VS the vast majority of science work, that believes that the Sun is self modulating and a product of random number generation. According to Geoff, this will soon be put to the test over the next 6 months.

The issue is, that the “number of sunspots” in this particular cycle, is becoming far short of what should be happening at this point of the cycle.  By next year, if his theory is correct, a lot of news will be about our Sun and the effects that may come upon our planet over the coming years. The thought is that low numbers of Sunspots will cause the earth to cool slightly over the next few decades. The is a very controversial topic that has huge political implications.


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