Mammoth Marmot saw his shadow this morning. He braved the cold modified Arctic Air to do his job. 6 more weeks of winter……Hope he’s right!

Chilly morning in Mammoth with the lows  -1F  (FS) to +5F (Mammoth at Sunrise. Winds over the tippy-tops that gusted to 80MPH yesterday were only gusting to 50mph this morning. Moderate winds just over the crest will continue today up to about 50MPH.

Modified Arctic air will continue to effect our area today with highs near freezing……the Surface high over the Rockies this morning had a barometric pressure of 31.06!  No doubt that system was interconnected with the strong deep low that traveled up toward Chicago yesterday that brought an historic blizzard to that greater region.


Back west….The forecast shows the upper ridge off shore building into the west coast far enough east to send freezing levels up to 12,000 by Friday. That is going to set up quite a temperature inversion the next day or two. For Mammoth, it means that after today, highs will moderate into the upper 30s Thursday, then well into the 40s by Friday and even 50 by Saturday.  However, our neighbors that live along the highway 395 corridor will experience very cold temps the next few mornings with lows -10 to -15 or colder in some locations. Daytime highs could be trapped in the twenties tomorrow throughout Long valley and Bridgeport valley.

Longer Range:

The Good News: There is a large spread in the ensembles over the far west and eastern pacific. This means that there is less confidence in the latest deterministic model runs yesterday and today for that time period. (Mid-February)

The Bad News: There is an increase in ensemble members trending away from the idea now of any retrogression far enough west for a wet pattern setting up by Mid February. The next few days will be more important to the trend of the way the pattern is going to go.

Think Snow>>>>>>>

On the Sunspot Cycle-Global Cooling Arena…Check out John L. Casey’s latest update!



Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………..:-)

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Disclaimer: I have been a hobbyist meteorologist for over 30 years here in the Mammoth area and I do this for my personal enjoyment. The National Weather Service saves lives every day . . . I do not. When making important planning decisions please use information provided by the National Weather Service as they are the most knowledgeable and accurate information source available today.