Lee Vining and June Lake picked up a little lake effect over night. Infact some lake effect was still occuring at this time.  West coast upper ridge to begin reacting to pattern change as strong height rises are now occuring near the dateline and a deepening trof is digging south along 150w. The effect upon west coast upper ridge off shore are profound this weekend. The off shore ridge gets flattened with its high heights squashed into the west coast beginning Friday as it gives us a beautiful weekend! Winds will be light this  Friday, Saturday and Sunday with highs in the 50s Saturday and Sunday at resort levels. Heights peak out Saturday at 00z Sunday and temps will reach into the low 70s in Bishop Sunday. (Golf anyone?)

The next shoe to drop will be the rapidly approaching lead short wave with a fair amount of subtropical moisteure. The timing from the GFS seems pretty good now with the energy expected to come through Tuesday. Cylke’s Law says 12z Tuesday as the 1st iso bar reaches 150E at 12z Friday morning. 96 hours of propagation says energy to come through 12z Tuesday.  So snow fall could begin any time after Midnight Monday night. 500ht Heights are around 552dm at that time, so a snow level around 6000 to 7000 feet to begin with seems good depending upon the dew point and 700mb temps. The nature of the moisture is subtropical so it may end up a bit higher to start with. At the moment…..the isentropic surface along with the front slide through Southern Mono during the afternoon Wednesday. With some additional energy coming through Wednesday night.

A following shot of energy comes off Japan about the morning of the 14th. Although it really does not spin up for another day. Will watch that one the next couple of days….

The Dweeber…………………………………:-)

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