Some small adjustments to our pattern over the next week….however sensibly, the difference will be slightly warmer days. The water vapor loop continues dry, and medium range forecast models showing the upper flow continuing dry as well.  

The short and medium range models shows high pressure expanding west a bit into the southern 1/2 of Ca forcing the upper flow to more of a westerly direction. There is some suggestion that the Mono-Mineral convergence zone may energize a bit with some convection developing over or near the usual areas. At this time, only a slight chance of a shower is possible as deep convection is not anticipated at this time. 

Later next week the global models are in good agreement with west to south west flow maintaining dry conditions across Mono County as the 4 corners high tries to re-establish itself.  The GFS tries to develop a little southerly flow Friday afternoon while the ECMWf has that trajectory delayed until later in the weekend. Upshot is that although Mono county may get back into a slight chance of thunderstorms pattern by next weekend….it is unlikely that Monsoon III  will develop anytime soon.

Expect highs in Mammoth in the upper 70s to low 80s and lows in the 40s.  
Typical Zephyr winds will blow each afternoon/evening 10 to 20 MPH

Its Mid-Summer in Mammoth!

Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………………:-)

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Disclaimer: I have been a hobbyist meteorologist for over 30 years here in the Mammoth area and I do this for my personal enjoyment. The National Weather Service saves lives every day . . . I do not. When making important planning decisions please use information provided by the National Weather Service as they are the most knowledgeable and accurate information source available today.