Ca Rivers Forecast Center-“Yosemite” QPF total between 4:00am Friday AM and Monday 4:00am = 2.26 inches of liquid

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Yes…the Dweebs are not surprised that the new models runs have come in wetter. Look back at earlier discussions and see for yourself. Again, forecast models do not handle Subtropical moisture very well until some 24 to 36 hours ahead of time.

So Mammoth stands to get between 2 to 3 feet over the Crest due to both the rich subtropical moisture with the current wave and dynamics still off shore along with a cold front that stalls over head Sunday while the upper level support heads east.   Heaviest precip Saturday PM and especially late in the Day. Upper elevations of town looks to get 6 inches to as much as a foot by Saturday midnight. Snow level drops to 6K by Sunday AM

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