3:30pm Update:

Weather Fronts Through….Snowshowers Now….

Time for clean up….


Sunday 10:00am:

Heaviest precipitation “to begin” between 10:00AM and 12:00 Noon Sunday….

Main Lodge at 9:00am…..Rain/Rain Snow Mix……  At 10:30 all snow at Main Lodge…”Freezing Level
9800 will lower to 9500 by about 10:00am then down to 9,000 ft by 4:00pm……Snow Level to Fall to 8000 by Noon then 7000 by 3:00pm.  ALL Snow at/above McCoy Station……>>>> No micro physical processes at work to promote snow level lower then expected. Column not saturated from either Dendritic Crystal Growth zone to 7000ft….
Dry slot at 750mb.  SEE: http://weather.rap.ucar.edu/upper/oak.gif

At 10:00am it was 36 degrees at 8200ft.  Mostly rain and rain-snow mix at the Main Lodge and Snow at McCoy Station.  The outlook for today is for falling temperatures the remainder of the morning and through the afternoon.  The snow level will be falling to 8000ft by about 12:00 Noon and to 7,000ft by 4:00pm.

The National Weather Service has hoisted a Winter Storm Warning above 8000 for this afternoon until 7:00pm this evening for hazardous driving conditions in the Towns of Mammoth and June Lake as well as the higher passes of 395 through out Mono County such as Conway Summit and Dead Man Summit just north of the Crest View Station.  Expect between 10 and 14 inches above 8000 ft and 4 to 8 inches above 7000ft by 7:00pm tonight.


Looking out the next Few Weeks…..

1. The odds favor Dry Weather between the 9th and the 15th.

2. The odds favor more snowfall during the period 16th and the 22nd of Dec.

3. The odds favor more snowfall during the period the 23rd and the 29th of Dec.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………………..:-)